… the Gaea’s Avengers Oldschool Assembly went on last weekend! Last edition was July 2019, we first moved a year for Corona and then a couple of months due to regulations. But we made it!

We moved to a new location for the big crowd that we expected, and what a crowd! 32 players showed up (still keeping the record of biggest Oldschool tournament in Belgium ;-)). There were players from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium of course, our Belgian Italian and even 2 players from Barcelona, Spain/Catalonia (I leave that discussing in the middle ;-))! And a lot of new players as well, 7 Germans even rented a bus to come over and for almost all of them, it was their first Oldschool tournament! Great!
The only sad part was that we lost a couple of Dutchmen and a Belgian because the Uthden Troll Cup fell on the same weekend and when we found out, neither of us could change the date anymore. Anyways, we’ll keep that in mind for next edition! (I wanted to go as well because I had a title to defend ;-))

Coupons for a free beer

Anyways, we had 5 rounds of Swiss followed by a top 8. We already had a hiccup in game 1 where the ‘David’s’ got mixed up. But we cleared that one out easily.
My weapon of choice was my red artifact deck (Atog with Su-chi’s, Trisks and such) and I played a guy from the Netherlands, Micha, and was still quite new. Interesting game 1, which I won, game 2 I kept a greedy hand and was punished by not drawing any lands for 9 turns in a row, and game 3 I also struggled with my mana. Needless to say, Micha took the victory, and well deserved! For a new player he was definitely playing his red black troll disco deck well.

Round 2 in progress

Round 2, played against one of the German Van guys :-), Miguel. He started of with a Kird ape and on my second turn I played my City in a Bottle. So not much after I realised he was on an Arabian Aggro and that I could take the game from there.
Game 2 I opened my hand with 4 lands, a mana vault and 2 City in a Bottle. Snap keep 🙂 and my following draws where a su-chi, Atog and a Triskelion. Sorry Miguel for the non-games!

Round 3 in progress

Round 3, I played against a dutch guy, forgot his name :-$, (I blame the amounts of beers of the night before) nice dude. Played also a Troll disco deck, can’t remember much of the games, except that it was really tight and I made it twice with direct damage.

Emjati’s trading stand

Round 4, I think my opponent name was Michael (really bad at names), he came from Wuppertal, that is what I still remember. And he was playing a Deadguy Ale deck. Super hard to play against, tight games but I managed to pull through in the end.

Peter playing Carl at the admin table

Final round before top 8, another German guy from the van, I think it was Matthias (names I know, or rather I don’t :-)). He was playing a quite controling Trick deck. I don’t know the games exactly anymore but I don’t have much difficulties playing around the Abyss, but I do against Mazes. In the last game he started with a library but couldn’t find his pieces fast enough, so I managed to push through enough damage to kill him.

Before the top 8 started, we had a raffle, thanks to the wonderful contribution of Purple (Jordi), thanks again! Gave away a Gaea’s Touch for last place (=a free entry for next edition), which went to Joost with his Leprechaun deck, and gave a Unlimited Sol Ring (thanks Emjati for your contribution) for the Bubble boy, the person that ended 9th. Which was Bjorn. Top 8 started with Purple (undefeated) 6 persons on 12 points (David, Nicolas, Carl, Peter, Tim and myself) and squeaking in on 8th place with 9 points was Micha.

I played the quarter finals against David Roskosch with his mono black deck. Great games, really exciting, but it’s hard for me to handle 2 Sengir Vampires, had a couple of outs to turn the game around but David managed at the end! Unpowered and a great deck!

Purple and Peter clashing in the semis

Semi finals went between Peter (RG aggro with a splash of blue for power, or as Peter calls it: Malte on Steriods :-)) and Purple (UW artifact control) and David (mono black) versus Carl (Troll Disco’ish)

What a play! Juan responding completely natural

Finals: David (unpowered mono black, gotta love it! :-)) vs Purple
Great games but in the end David’s deck was no match for Purple’s. So we had a new winner, with 16-0 during the tournament, Purple is the new undefeated champion that Gaea needs to avenge. Congratulations!

16-0 by Purple
Purple’s new Tinder profile picture

In the end it was a great day (and preparty as well :-)). I want to thank all the players that came over and made this day so great as well as Peter and Simon for organizing this together with me, they did reach most of the community which is not something to be taking lightly.

Next edition probably in Spring? Looking forward to it! See you next time friends!

The German van and me 🙂

Building my own AB60 deck, part 7: Final straight line to Dwarven Warriors

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Next event: M3 (hopefully)

For some of you, real life oldschool is still a dream and/or a craving. Well, stop dreaming! On the weekend of the 5th of September, the crew of Magic Masters Mol will host their weekend again! (if of course nothing terribly happens due to COVID-19)

This means an Oldschool event on Saturday the 5th of September! OMG!

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Today, I will try to take different approach. Follow along to see what I came up with.

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