Scryings: Seeds against artifacts

Artifacts are omnipresent in the current oldschool metagame. By consequence, we have a lot of artifact hate to disrupt our opponent’s gameplan. Blue is represented by Energy Flux. Red has the notorious Shatter and Shatterstorm. White has the popular Disenchant, Divine Offering, and Dust to Dust. Black doesn’t have many artifact removal, but maybe they don’t need it, as mono black already proved itself many times a threat to be reckoned with.
So what about green, the colour of our goddess gaea? Well, we have crumble and the annoying Scavenger Folk. But, another sweeper is introduced: Seeds of Innocence.

The card reminds me of Shatterstorm, which does practically the same but it costs 1 less generic mana. Another important detail: artifact creatures are buried and can’t be regenerated. Bye bye Clay Statue. 🙂
The seeds come with one caveat though: they give each artifact’s controller an amount of life. As this won’t matter to sweeping moxen, it might hurt some aggro decks, if you sweep books, disks or manipulators.

It’s hard to say in which deck this particalur card fits best. It’s obviously a solid sideboard card against ‘the deck’ and artifact aggro. Mono green and G/R aggro might take advantage of this sweeper. G/R aggro might be better off with seeds because of the 3 mana cost instead of 4.
Only playtesting and experience will bring the answer. Let’s see what the community can brew with this one.


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